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Miranda Adame
Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 

In college I wrote a thesis for my English class where I stated that everything in life is a story. Back then I was just completing the assignment and while I believed what I wrote in that Freshman English class I didn't realize how much it would become a part of me and my career. I think about this statement often. Everything in life has a story. Stories are something that I have always loved. Telling stories, listening to stories. Isn't it amazing how captivating one story can be? I had a professor once say we are all writers. I was taking a script analysis class and someone had said we are not all screenwriters. To which the professor said "this is true, but you are all writers. Some of you chose to write with pen and paper, some choose to write with your lighting designs, some of you write with your cameras... all of you contribute to the story. All of you are writers." I chose to tell stories through the lens of my camera. I love what I do. I love the chance to capture and help tell the stories of so many people who I get the privilege of working with.

What My Clients Say...

I have been working with Miranda since the beginning of her career. I have seen her grow leaps and bounds in so many aspects of her profession. Miranda’s creative vision, understanding of a job, how to recreate certain looks and feels and tell stories through video, and her technical capabilities have all increased and improved dramatically. Miranda’s building an impressive portfolio and I look to her to meet my goals and creative vision for my business’s purposes. Miranda is also a great person, easy to work with and a true pleasure to be around. I have full confidence when I hire her.

- Matt Thomas

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