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Miranda Adame Productions

Commercials are a unique form of storytelling. You have up to 30 seconds or so to tell the products or businesses story. I enjoy the process of coming up with concepts, scripts, shot lists and more to help create the commercial. I believe storytelling is a core concept to creating a memorable commercial.

Tony and I met while filming a video with The Altitude Group at Compass for a client giveaway highlighting the ALPHA pizza oven. Tony enjoyed the video I made for The Altitude Group so he brought me back to both of his stores to create a Business promo for his Website. Definitely check out Proud Souls for all your BBQ supply needs and take advantage of their cooking classes!

Product videos and filmmaking is something that has really taken my interest in the last year or so after watching my mentors videos. I decided to step up to the challenge of creating this Spec Ad for Sparkling Ice in my small basement at home. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of coming up with shots and different solutions to filming in such a small homemade studio and look forward to doing more product shoots and commercials in the future.


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