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HDR Real Estate Photography: An introduction to Miranda Adame Productions Photo Services


What sells a house other than a listing agent? The photos! Because listing photos play such an important role in helping you sell your property we take extra care in making sure it's done right. The method we chose to use when taking real estate photos is the bracketing method. So when we show up we aren't just taking one photo in each room and calling it a day. We are actually taking a series of three shots per final edited photograph. We like this method as it allows us to do a hand-blended HDR edit. Hand-blended HDR photos provide better quality for our real estate clients which is main priority. For more information about why hand-blended HDR photos are better than standard HDR photos please check out our blog post: Hand Blended HDR Real Estate Photos vs. Standard HDR Real Estate Photos

We offer four different photo packages to serve your needs. As of February 2023 we offer your choice of either 10 photos, 25 photos, 36 photos or 50 photos. The 10 photos package is a great fit for realtors who are listing a small studio apartment or who may be in the vacation rental business. We know how important it is to get your listing on the market fast especially in a fast moving market. So we get all photos back to you within 24 hours from the end of your shoot!

Real estate photography is something we enjoy doing. It's fun to meet and build relationships with Realtors around the area and to see many different types and styles of homes. We work hard to make sure you and your listing looks great!

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