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Real Estate Photography: What is the process of working with a real estate Photographer?

Updated: Apr 7

I have been working in real estate since May of 2018 and in that time frame the process of working with my clients has evolved and changed over the years. Always with the intent of making the experience a simple and easy process that will keep realtors happy and their business running smoothly. With the launch of our full media services this past August of 2022 it was important to me that with the added services being offered to Denver area real estate agents the process of it all would be an enjoyable experience for both myself and the realtor. With that being said I would like to discuss what you can expect when you book your next listing with us; what is the process of working with Miranda Adame Productions?

Step one: Booking your next listing shoot

We offer an automatic scheduling system to make it as simple and easy as possible for our clients. Using our online client portal, HDPhotoHub, or by going to our website you can quickly see our services and pricing on our online order form. Select which services you would like, select the time and day you would like the shoot to take place using our live calendar before filling out the property details and making sure the address matches the auto-populating map. It's up to you whether you would like to pay at the time of booking or upon delivery of your products. If you choose the latter simply click pay later in the payment section before submitting your order. And it's as simple as that. We will get a notification on our end letting us know of your booking. We will confirm with you through email and text and your booking will automatically be added to our google calendar.

For those of you who may not like using our online order form and would rather contact us to book that is absolutely OK! We would love to hear from you so please call, text or email us, whichever method you are most comfortable with, and we would be happy to set up your appointment for you.

Step 2: Shooting your listing

On the day of your listing shoot you can expect us to arrive on time. We take special care in helping make sure the listing is being shown in the best light. One of the ways we do this is by going through the home and making sure all of the lights are turned on and making sure everything we don't want in the photos are put away or moved. For full details on how to prepare a home for listing photos please check out our blog post: How to Prepare your Next listing for Real estate Photography Once we are sure everything is ready in the home we begin the shoot. We usually like to start by taking the photos before moving on to any additional services you may have booked such as video or 3D home tours. In most situations out of respect for the home we like to begin with interiors and end with exteriors so that we can avoid tracking any debris in from outside.

Frequently asked Question: Does the Real Estate Agent have to be Present at the Shoot?

We leave this up to the realtor. Sometimes our agents want to be present at the shoot helping prepare the home or helping move anything that may need to be moved during the shoot. Other times they want to be on camera for the video portion of the shoot in which case they would need to at least be there for a portion of the time. While some realtors may just want us to show up, shoot and send them all the media once completed.

Step 3: Final Delivery

The Third and final step in the process is delivery of all the media you ordered. We chose HDPhotohub as our client portal because it allows for our clients to have everything in one place. It allows realtors to book the shoot, receive their order and share the property using a property website if they purchased the marketing kit. When we deliver the media it will be through your client account on HDPhotohub. You will receive an email and a text letting you know that your Real Estate Media Is Ready with a link that will take you straight to your account. If you paid at the time of booking you will have immediate access. If you chose to pay at the time of delivery you will need to pay the invoice before you will have full access to your media. Once on the download page you will be able to see all of your media in one place. Downloading photos couldn't be more easy as you have the option to download either full resolution photos at printing quality, MLS quality file sizes or custom quality file sizes at the literal click of a button! If you purchased the marketing kit you will also find access to your property site as well as have access to printing materials and fliers as well as social media post templates. Social media templates and fliers can be edited and customized by you or if you like we can assist you.

Frequently asked question: How long between the end of a shoot and when I receive my photos/videos and other media?

This is a great question. We know that getting your listing on the market as quickly and efficiently as possible is a priority. We are able to deliver most of our products within 24hrs from the end of the shoot. Some products may take up to 48hrs to deliver however we will let you know at the time when this might take place.

Final Remarks

With final delivery completed and your satisfaction of all the media received, the end of another successful listing shoot comes to a close. We love working with all of our wonderful clients and will continue to make each shoot as easy and simple as possible to help you keep your business moving forward!

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