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The Oaks At Plum Creek: A Venue Highlight

One of my favorite weddings from the 2022 season took place at The Oaks At Plum Creek wedding venue. I was privileged to be working with Andy and Kendall on their big day. And their wedding was my first opportunity to work at The Oaks. I quickly fell in love with the space and it has since become one of my favorite venues to work in . I wanted to highlight it in this weeks blog and share it with as many couples as possible who may be currently looking for a venue for their upcoming wedding.

Here are my top 3 reasons why I think you should check this venue out.

The Bride and Groom Suites.

One of the amenities I think you will like most is the Bridal and Groomsmen Suites. The Bridal suite is quite large providing plenty of room for you and the girls to have fun while getting ready. The main room features enough space to do hair and make up, eat tasting pre-wedding snacks and goodies or just hang out and chat with out stepping on each others toes or feeling too crowded. The on-suite bathroom accommodates all the ladies as it is also large and spacious with multiple stalls and mirrors. You'll want to be sure to take advantage of the large swinging bed in the center of the room and the spacious private patio for photos and video with the gals. All in all this bridal suite is sure to provide you with the space you will need and be an oasis for you to enjoy your bridesmaids, mom, grandma and other ladies before the wedding day festivities begin.

The Grooms room is equally luxurious with the main highlight being the golf simulator. Hang out with the guys and play a round of golf or other golf related games using the simulator. If golf isn't your thing there is secondary area where you and the guys can play pool, darts or enjoy the shuffleboard table. Whether in the bridal suite or the grooms suite you are sure to be able to have fun and relax before the celebrations officially start.

The layout and look of the Venue

The next thing you're going to love about this venue is just how well it flows from room to room or space to space. As a wedding videographer I bring a lot of gear to weddings and it can be hard to move my gear between three different sites for the ceremony, dinner and toast area before going to the dancing space. However this wedding venue has it so well-organized that it was super simple for me to move between each site with three different cameras and two sets of Lights. You and your guest will have an even simpler time moving from space to space. Each room is wide open giving lots of space for you and your guest to catch up or visit, eat dinner, dance or even just be a wallflower. Sometimes wedding venues can have tight spaces and it can become hard or even claustrophobic to just try and move around. The Oaks eliminates that with how well it was designed to allow enough space for everyone. It truly allows for flexibility and comfortability to enjoy your wedding day and your loved ones.

This venue really looks stunning and has a very modern clean look and feel to the place. I love the different chandeliers in each space and how well they compliment the overall look of the venue. The large windows in the bar area and the main dining area allow for gorgeous natural light to brighten the room and allows for stunning views of the sunset while you enjoy your dinner. I think it is one of the more beautiful venue I have filmed in that is also attached to a golf club.

The Amazing Staff

Lastly you are going to love the staff here. All of the staff are incredibly approachable and friendly. They helped not just the couple and their wedding guests but vendors as well. So if they're as good to your vendors as they are to you and your guests you're going to have no problem with the service here. They will go above and beyond helping you and your significant other as well as your wedding guests as they gather to celebrate you. The bride and groom were always well attended to as the staff made sure their every need was met. It really made the day better to have such friendly and helpful staff at this venue which is something that should leave you feeling great about your wedding day!

The Oaks at Plum Creek is located in Castle Rock Colorado just five minutes from I-25. You can enjoy beautiful views of the rock that gave Castle Rock its name as it can be seen from the venue especially on clear sunny days. You're not going to be disappointed and I highly suggest you reach out to them to schedule your tour.

I hope this blogpost/review will help you in your search for a wedding venue here in Colorado. Happy Planning!


Check out the full wedding film here!

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