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Real Estate

Since spring of 2018 I have had the opportunity to work with Real Estate agents in the Denver Metro Area and the areas of Genesee and Evergreen. While I have been able to work with multiple different agents I have also been able to work consistently with one agent throughout the last 4 years to not only create listing videos but videos to help the Agent better market himself and educate his clients through the buying and selling process. I am able to provide services for multiple real estate video needs.

Advantages of Virtual Staging

Matt has been a long time client of mine since 2018. While he normally likes to write his own scripts he decided he would rather I create the concept for this video. We had done a listing video on this property the week previous and decided to take advantage of the vacant home as an opportunity to share the Benefits of Virtually Staging your Home.

4478 Mt. Sneffels

This home is one in one of the newer neighborhoods of Brighton. I loved the blue color with the white trim. Another perk of this home is the one minute or less walk to the big park complete with fields, playground and some exercise equipment.

16765 Williams Street

This property was located in north Thornton just down the road from where Top Golf now resides. It feels so much bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside which is saying something because the house isn’t small looking on the outside by any means.

12203 Olive St.

While the home was not furnished as the owners had already moved before putting it on the market, it was easy to see myself living in this home. The community as a whole presented itself with a high level of comfort. With the home being vacant the Realtor and I took advantage and created a video on the Advantages of Virtually staging your home which can also be found on this site.